Koali-ai Greeting Card

Koali-ai Greeting Card
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Product Description

The Isabella Sinclair Collection greeting cards are museum-quality 5 x 7 cards, printed on very heavy stock using archival quality paper and inks. They are blank inside with a descriptive text printed on the back. The image and text are taken from Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands by Isabella Sinclair which was published in 1885. This book was the first to feature color plates of Hawaiian flowers and plants.

Here is an excerpt of the Sinclair text which is printed on the back of this card:

The Koali-ai, as its name implies ("koali" the convolvulus plant, "ai" food), was formerly used by the natives as food, in seasons when their crops of potatoes, etc., failed. The roots and main stems were the parts used, and the taste, though slightly bitter, is not at all unpleasant. The vine is very strong and durable, and is used by the natives for various purposes in place of cordage.

Formerly it was in much request for house building--every part of a well-built native house being fastened with the koali-ai--and, as it was protected from the weather by the thatch, it lasted for a great many years.

The Isabella Sinclair Collection Fine Art Greeting Cards can be found in the South Shore Visitor's Center of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and other select retail merchants on the island of Kauai.

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